Extreme Long Range Rifle Shooting


In the Extreme Long Range Rifle Shooting course, you will take an in depth look of what it takes to shoot at longer ranges. This 3-day course will help you understand what goes into shooting long range and what it takes to do so. Here is what each day is going to look like:

Day 1- Will cover Rifle setup, spotting, and correctly running the ballistic solver. It will be very in depth covering what affects the bullets trajectory and what to expect in the real world. Velocity will be validated at Mach 1.2 distances caliber dependent, tall target testing will be done to ensure scope alignment and trackability, cold bore mapping, DSF truing if necessary, and a basic concept of wind will be discussed.


Day 2- Will be spend proofing your system at all distances that your rifle will be shot at up to and including 2.5 miles. A more in-depth focus on wind will be covered in the afternoon to see how it can change your elevation component of the firing solution.


Day 3- Will be spent on the 360° range focusing on all wind angles and first round shots with quick and accurate follow ups.

Topics Covored

-Rifle setup

-Proper spotting

-Basic ballistic solver rundown

-Ballistics and trajectory of a bullet (along with wind and how it affects your bullet)

-Scope alignment, cold bore mapping, and tuning

-Skills Test

Equipment List


-Quality Scope with adjustable turrets and MIL/MOA reticle (aftermarket elevation device – Charlie Tarac – to get you to 2 miles)

-308, 6.5mm or similar caliber precision rifle capable of one minute of angle accuracy (120 rds)

-2 magazines (more than welcome to bring more)

-Durable footwear

-Scope tools


-Rear bag

Shooting mat

-Ear/eye protection

-Tripod with spotting scope

-Ballistic calculator (Kestrel or Garmin watch with the Applied Ballistics app)

-Note taking gear

-Weather appropriate clothing



-Rifle data book

-Shooting mat

-Arm board

-Magazine carriers

-Shooters belt

-Rifle sling

-Range finder


-Water source (provided for you)

-Sunscreen/bug repellent

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