Mission Statement


We want to benefit the shooter and grow the precision long range community.


We aim to produce a product that enhances the shooting experience whether it’s for a novice or a heavier experience veteran.


Integrity - Know and do what is right. We build high-quality rifles, and we mean it.


Respect - Treating others the way you want to be treated. We will always put the customer before ourselves.


Responsibility - Embrace opportunities to contribute. It is our duty to know the industry/community and to pass on proper knowledge to the customer.


Sportsmanship - Bring your best to all competition. Along the same lines of respect, we will always be the example of good sportsmanship in training and on the competition field.


Leadership - Serve the common good. We lead by example in training, the competition field, and the 2nd Admendment community. We do so by passing on useful insight from our experiences which helps grow the community.


Through our products and services, we want to introduce new shooters and pass on knowledge to help their skill set and practices. Our intent is to delver high quality parts and training to help us do so.


Here at DI Precision, we want to help new/younger shooters flourish and develop good habits through useful training. We carry products we would use to help the customers shooting abilities and achieve the customers shooting goals. We also build superior rifles and help the shooter understand what goes into long range shooting with our training.