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About DI Precision

At DI Precision, quality means something. Our vision was to create a place where customers can give us what their needs are in a precision rifle, and with our guidance, we make that build happen. Based on our experiences in the industry, we know the proper components on how to build a high-quality rifle with the customer needs in mind.


In March of 2017, David Lott, the founder of DI Precision, had this vision and built a team to make that goal happen. Through trial and error, we’ve formulated some of the best builds that have taken on the competition world and placed. See what we do and meet our team below.

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Meet The Team

David Lott

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Derek Webster

Derek is one of our most experienced shooters from Montgomery, Texas. Derek served 5 years active-duty Navy as a gas turbine systems mechanic. He did 4 deployments, with his last one doing convoy/detainee ops at Camp Taji Iraq. Coming from a bench rest family, Derek has always had a passion for shooting. Derek has been actively involved in precision rifle shooting and the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) since 2016. Since then, he has multiple podium finishes across the nation in the PRS and National Rifle Leauge (NRL). Derek now instructs for DI Precision and passes on knowledge to other shooters wanting to hone in their skill. He teaches .22 LR Rimfire Precision Rifle Shooting, Precision Rifle Shooting 1 (PR 1), Precision Rifle Shooting 2 (PR 2), and the Ballistic Solver Course. Derek loves BBQ and is a semi-professional cornhole player. He is one of DI Precision's sales managers, rifle assemblers, and load developer.