Precision Rifle Shooting 1 (PR 1)


Learn the basics of what goes into precision rifle shooting. From rifle set up, to fundamentals and shooting position, you will gain basic knowledge on how to shoot your rifle more accurately and more consistently. This course will also introduce you to wind reading and understanding your MIL/MOA adjustments to compensate for range and atmospheric conditions. By the end of the course, a basic skills test will test your abilities and what you’ve learned.

Topics Covored


-Equipment selection, setup, and maintenance

-Building your position, fundamentals of marksmanship, trigger control, recoil management, and natural point of aim

-Basic weapons manipulation (load/unload, bolt manipulation, emergency/proactive loads)

-Understanding MOA and milliradian adjustments

-Introduction to internal and external ballistics

-Introduction to data gathering

-Introduction to atmospheric condition and wind reading

-Skills test (timed precision rifle competition stage scenarios)

Equipment List


-308, 6.5mm or similar caliber precision rifle capable of one minute of angle accuracy (200 rds)

-2 magazines (more than welcome to bring more)

-Quality Scope with adjustable turrets and MIL/MOA reticle


-Ballistic solver (Kestral/Garmin or phone app- BallisticARC or Applied Ballistics)

-Ear and eye protection

-Durable footwear

-Scope tools

-Bipods (with ability to cant)

-Support bag (available to purchase in store or online)

-Note taking gear

-Weather appropriate clothing



-Rifle data book

-Shooting mat

-Arm board

-Magazine carriers

-Shooters belt

-Rifle sling

-Range finder


-Water source (provided for you)

-Sunscreen/bug repellent

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