Muzzle Breaks

  • MPA Premium Bolt Action Muzzle Brake 6.5mm

    MPA Premium Bolt Action Muzzle Brake 6.5mm

    Thread – 5/8-24 tpiCaliber – 6.5mm or smallerMaterial: Black Nitride High Tensile Strength SteelFunction: Significantly Reduces RecoilDesign: The multiple blast ports redirect propellent gases to counter recoil from the firearm. These brakes...
  • ACE Precision Muzzle Break Stainless ACE Precision Muzzle Break Nitride

    ACE Precision Muzzle Brake

    The ACE brake is tunable– With the indicator lines located on the brake as well as the collar you can “tune” the brake to your rifle setup. What that means is that you can ensure that your rifle recoils straight up and down– every...